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What Are The Main Causes Of The Alopecia And How Can These Be Treated?

July 26, 2019

Alopecia which is more commonly known as the alopecia Melbourne areata is a disorder in which person loses more hair than normally and experience certain areas of the head going bald. The alopecia is one of the types of the autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body which is suppose to defend the body from all kind of disease starts to behave otherwise and attacks the body itself. In case of alopecia, the part that gets attacked is the hair. The lose of hair in this kind of disease vary from person to person and depends on the intensity and severity of the disease. 

In some cases, people lose some part of their hair from the head. However, it is very uncommon and almost not possible for someone who is suffering from such kind of disease to lose the entire hair on their body and the head. Every case of the alopecia is different therefore the results and the outcomes are also different. In some cases of the alopecia, the treatment works temporarily in which the hair starts to grow back but again after some time it starts to fall off but some treatments work permanently and not only helps the hair grow back but prevents them from falling again.

However, in case of alopecia which is generally the autoimmune disease, it cannot be perfectly cured and eliminated but it could be slow down and the procedure could be reversed so that the hair starts to grow back but it cannot be said with extreme certainty that it is cured because it could come back. There are certain and different kind of treatments which could be used in order to treat the alopecia. The first thing is the use of the drugs, these could either be in the form of the injection or the pills or even some kind of skin ointments. But such treatment could take a considerably long time to treat the alopecia or even slow it down. The drugs and injections are suggested in the case when the alopecia is in its initial stage and diagnosed and the amount of hair loss is not much. But in case when there is sever loss of hair and the rate of hair loss is increasing by every day then the doctors suggest the patient to go through the immunotherapy in which some type of chemical is used and it is put on the scalp of the patient. This may cause the patient a little itch but if the therapy works then this chemical causes the hair to grow back. However, this is not the one-time therapy but needs to be repeated. See this post to find out more details.