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Experienced And Expert Hazardous Area Auditors

June 15, 2023

hazardous area auditor

Before being connected or reconnected to the mains, electrical installations in hazardous areas must be inspected by an accredited hazardous area auditor in accordance with Queensland and Victorian government regulations. This is done by the Victoria Registered Electrical Inspector and the Queensland Accredited Hazardous Area Installation Inspector. Energy Safe Victoria or the Queensland Office of Electrical Safety must appoint or authorize an experienced hazardous area auditor familiar with Australian standards, laws and regulations. At bselectrical, our electrical engineers and hazardous area auditors know everything there is to know about the design and operation of electrical systems in hazardous areas.


To execute Hazardous Area Audits, bselectrical has qualified Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors on hand. Our staff has the ability to audit a variety of hazardous area facilities, including installations for flammable dusts as well as oil and gas refineries. By using bselectrical, you can guarantee that your installation is legal and secure to power up from the very beginning. Our Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors can be brought on board at the very beginning of the project and can offer compliance guidance on the design and installation all the way through the project’s lifespan, ensuring expensive compliance concerns are found early. This early consultation is highly advised as it can help avoid the need for expensive rework and cleanup.


By giving guidance and counsel supported by years of expertise, our accredited Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors always work with our customers to ensure the project is compliant as quickly as possible.


By identifying areas of non-compliance and enlightening our customers about the regulatory requirements, our hazardous area auditors hope to assist our customers with the challenging task of ensuring that their LNG, bselectrical, and petrochemical facilities meet the stringent regulatory requirements set out by the various state and commonwealth legislation. As auditors, it is our responsibility to inform and educate our clients on compliance tactics and methods.

EEHA equipment inspections and maintenance

Bselectrical Services offers clients a wide range of services for EEHA inspection and maintenance of equipment within hazardous zones to ensure compliance thanks to our highly qualified and experienced staff of Project Managers, Inspectors, and Technicians. All of our electricians and inspectors are thoroughly qualified, and some of them have dual accreditation and Complex approval in addition to having a lot of actual equipment experience. The following services are offered to clients by bselectrical Services, which has vast experience in the offshore and onshore oil, gas, and mining industries:

  • Ex-Equipment Survey and Data Collection on Installations
  • Healthcare and Equipment Audit Checks

Manage Customers Ex Register

  • Possession of the Ex Register in the Client’s Name
  • Visual, in-depth, and up-close examinations of used equipment
  • Ex-Equipment Electronic Tagging and Marking
  • Data collection with cutting-edge hardware and software
  • Utilizing exit strategies
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