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Environmental Impact Of Construction Activities

May 11, 2017

While keeping in mind how crucial construction activities are, and given both their direct and indirect contribution toward development, the infrastructure and economy of the country, it is a fact that there is a lot of environmental damage that takes place. This could be due to the fact that not enough attention is given to the fact that people should be educated on environmental impacts, and in addition to this, not enough priority is given to the environment. This is often because of no penalties being given when companies violate environmental codes or if they are ignored altogether. To prevent pollution to the environment and to reduce the rate of depletion of natural resources, a system of sustainable development should be enforced. This is the responsibility of the country, as it is in the power of the government of a country to enforce certain rules and regulations on such development. My imposing laws and educating people on sustainable development and environmental impact, cooperation will be voluntary and contributions will be eager. This reduces the need for imposing laws or penalties, as even corporate organizations will see this as an opportunity to be recognized as socially responsible corporate citizens. 

When speaking of environmental impacts, civil construction companies contribute almost unknowingly. This type of pollution is inevitable as there is no discovered method of reducing the increased level of dust that settles in an area due to construction. Furthermore, an indirect contributor is the companies that provide the raw materials, such as wood, coal, sand, steel etc. This is because due to these mining activities and extraction of raw materials, the natural resources of the country are being depleted and this will be a problem in the long run as future generations may not have access to these resources. Look at here now to find out more details regarding civil construction companies.

This is a current issue in the world when speaking of the earth’s current level of oil resources. This is where sustainable development comes into play.In addition to this, there is a considerable amount of noise pollution which is a result of the activities of drilling companies and the construction companies which use machines such as buzz-saws and chainsaws, jackhammers etc, and these construction noises could prove to be a disturbance to the homes in the area, as well as the offices and schools, as this may disrupt the flow of work and in the case of a neighborhood, it will disrupt the peace and quiet.These are all prevalent issues in the world today, and while the problem cannot be completely eliminated, steps should be taken to try to minimize the impact as much as possible. Check this link to find out more ideas regarding drilling companies.

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