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Fulfill Your Bridesmaid Duties For Your Best Friend



If the above criteria are met you are set on having a successful business meeting. However, keep in mind that requirements may differ from client to client according to their personalized needs and therefore, apart from the general points above, be prepared for differing client needs.

We all have been in the situation of trying to organize a perfect bridal shower for our best friend, and recklessly searching online for clues to make it the most perfect. Fear not and read ahead. We have gathered some important information to be considered before organizing the big party. Make sure to read and take notes. Remember the day is all about your best friend so line it up with all the things that she loves to do, and all the things she won’t get to do after becoming a Mrs.

Collect your friends

As much as you would love to be alone with you best friend, and flirt at the hot guys for one last time, a party is so much happier with a reasonable crowd. So call up your friends who are close to both of you and get them to be a part of the big day. They can also help you to organize the party and will bring in more creative thoughts for fun activities.

Choose a location

If you are having friends coming from all parts of the country, it is crucial to select a location which is convenient to most of them. Also, the location has to be suitable with the right vibe and with ample space for the fun activities that you have planned out for your friend. Therefore, get together with your friends and search for the most ideal location to throw the party. You could ideally look for private function rooms which can be decorated to your liking according to the theme and this will ensure that you and your friends can shamelessly engage in fun activities without an unnecessary audience.

Plan the activities

Enjoying the day with the bride-to-be and your other friends requires fun activities to be done. Beer pong, tequila shots, dirty cupcake hunt are some of the most enjoyable activities. Keep in mind that your friend’s big day is tomorrow and you don’t want to ruin it by having a massive hangover. So whatever activities you engage in, keep the alcohol to a minimum, especially when it comes to the bride.

Food, food, food

As much as you are all about the party, the most important thing about it is the food. Search many online resources to find creative food for a hens party and make sure you avoid the traditional boring food. Keep an eye for vegetarians and special food requirements as everybody should be able to enjoy the party equally. Don’t include highly fatty food which are bound to be too greasy for tomorrow as food hangover is one to avoid when you fashion that killer dress.As much as you would love to so enjoy the day, make sure to get the bride home in plenty of time so she can get plenty of beauty sleep. No amount of fun can be equal to eye-bags on the big day!



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Planning A Garden Nuptial Ceremony

One of the most popular nuptial trends at the moment is the garden nuptial theme. This has been practiced from a long time. However, at present, you can see a lot of young couples choosing this option instead of a nuptial reception and ceremony held inside a traditional reception hall.

Just like one of the nice unique wedding venues can create a wonderful reception for your nuptials there are certain garden areas offered by trusted location providers for anyone who is looking for such a place. Along with this location you have to get some other matters handled too if you are going to go ahead with this kind of an outdoor nuptial event.

Your first job is finding a location. There are a number of rustic wedding venues offered by different services. However, always try to choose a location which is going to be unique as well as provided to you by a trusted service which has been in this business for a number of years. If you are planning to have this kind of a nuptial ceremony you have to have a backup plan for change of weather. If your location is going to have a good hall which can keep all the guests while having a beautiful outdoor space too that is the right place for you.

Once you have chosen the place you should come up with a theme. For a garden nuptial ceremony deciding about the theme should be done by considering the garden where the event will be held. If you can come up with colours in that garden during the time of your ceremony it will be beautiful. Then, there will also be certain harmonization between your theme and the location too.

You have to definitely get some talented and responsible professionals involved too. You have to find a bridal dresser to dress you and your bridesmaids up. You have to also find a nuptial planner if you cannot plan the event on your own. You have to make sure the food and beverages will be supplied either by using the services offered by the location or hiring a separate caterer. You have to also have a photographer to take pictures and some form of music for the occasion too. As you can see, what differs in planning a garden nuptial event is holding it at an outdoor space. All other decisions have to be made according to that location of your choice.

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