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How To Take Care Of Garden Fountains?

April 22, 2021

Those who love the gardens and spend a great deal of time among the natural growth then want the garden to be in perfect shape. They plant the best plants and make arrangements that can attract other visitors to the garden, including birds and small animals. One way to add wonders to your garden is to get the outdoor water feature in melbourne. These fountains serve several purposes and can be helpful in many ways.2

The fountains call the birds’ attention, can be a source of water, and make the garden look impressive. Thus, to keep the fountains in the right shape, it is better to maintain the fountains. If you want to keep your fountain in perfect condition, then here are some key points that you need to keep in mind. These steps can help you enjoy a fun time with the fountains. You can also visit our place for planter boxes

  1. A thorough scrubbing

The routine maintenance after every month requires a thorough cleaning of the rough surfaces. This is possible by scraping the surface with rugged materials like textured cloth or even a toothbrush. As the fountain surface is wide enough, the falling leaves or the bird wastes and even the water can leave unwanted marks on this outdoor water feature. 

There are specialized cleaners available in the market to clean the fountains depending on the material used in the fountain making. The best cleaner is the one that not just cleans the fountains but also prevents any stains and marks on the surface. 

Experts suggest granite fountains that are easy to clean. The recent fountains have little to worry about. Some materials can retain a clean look for a time longer than what is required to clean the traditional fountains. 

  1. Water quantity 

Water levels in the large garden pots in melbourne mean that your pump remains healthy too. Check the water level in the fountain daily. People living in hot areas may face the problem of the water level falling down. This can damage your pump considerably. It is better to check the water level daily in this case. It is better to fit an auto-refill system next to your fountain. This helps you in filling the fountain every time your fountain needs water. To keep away the smell, make sure to add fresh water after every month. Do clean the pipe as well. 

  1. Cleaning the unnecessary growth 

A disaster for the fountain-like outdoor water feature is the algae that keep growing due to the water. If it stays there for long, it can cause a foul smell as well. Thus it is essential to be a vigilant user and keep a close check on what is happening to the fountain.