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How Can We Protect Our Eyes?

December 9, 2019

There is nothing in this world that can’t be protected whether it’s food, clothes, chemicals, or any other thing. Likewise, there are many things that protect our eyes. So, we have to follow each and everything in order to maintain the good health of our eyes. Eyes are the most precious gift that we have from the lord. We can see the beauty of this world and nature with these two eyes. Even, if one eye is hurt, we tart facing problems in seeing things.

So, to avoid all the fi=future weaknesses related to eyes, we have to invest our time and energy in protecting our eyes when we are young and kid. Following are the few things that helps us in marinating the good health of our eyes.


People use sunglasses for many reasons. Some people use to follow the trends and fashion whereas some people use to avoid the germs, dust and sunlight. They directly hit the retina of our eye and causes issues like redness and itchiness. Some people have allergy to dust so they specially take care of wearing glasses soon as they step out.

Goggles in Pool:

We all know that going into a public pool invites many other things as well. Firstly, there is chlorines used in water to purify the pool water but its high intensity of used chemical hurt eyes. SO, we have to wear the goggles when entering into the pool because if chlorine water gets into our eyes, it start itching, irritation and ultimately it causes infection. Sometimes, the infection is so bad that we have to take anti-biotics.

  • No Direct Contact with Chemicals:

There are many people who have to work in the factories especially chemical engineers and the people who are directly linked to textiles. They need to wear safety instruments like goggles and glasses. So, they do not come in direct contact with the chemicals.

  • Diet Matters:

When we don’t take proper nutrients in our diet it causes deficiencies in our body which directly effect our hairs, nails, body and especially eyes. So, we have to take balanced diet in order to avoid such issues. We need to eat those vegetables and meats that help us in bosting our eye health. Also, there are food that help in improving the vision and other things.

  • A Deep Sleep:

When we don’t get a deep sleep, our eyes start itching and also they turn red as we have some infection in our eyes. So, we have to take a deep sleep. 

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